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My name is Sarge Lintecum, and I am a highly decorated, three tour of duty, Vietnam combat veteran. Sarge's Jungle is my personal home page.

As well as being a Vietnam combat veteran of the 101st Airborne Division, I am a blues singer, and harmonica master, sponsored by the Lee Oskar Harmonica company. I appear at concert venues, blues clubs, schools, colleges and universities from sea to shining sea. I perform my Vietnam Blues Show which consists of music from my "Vietnam Blues - Combat Tested Blues... For Peace" recording (on CD, DVD and cassette), and my latest recording, "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Blues" featuring Lee Oskar and me on harmonicas, Kenny Skaggs (of Glenn Campbell Band fame) on steele guitar and Barrelhouse Chuck on piano. My Vietnam Blues Show also features powerful Vietnam War poetry, and war stories. I also teach poetry and creative writing through the Arizona Commission on the Arts, and I am an instructor for the American Healing Arts Foundation.

I am proud to have made one of the most highly decorated and successful Vietnam-related recordings ever produced. My latest recording, "Post Traumatic Stess Disorder Blues" is now available!

This is the opening song from my new CD, "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Blues." It starts with a short talking part. Featuring Barrelhouse Chuck on piano!

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Sarge Lintecum's 2 CDs and DVD covers.

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Seven Short Stories of the Vietnam War

by Sarge Lintecum

Although these stories are fiction, they are based on my experiences during my three tours of duty in Vietnam. Even the story about the Viet Cong soldier is based on things that I saw in the boonies that the enemy had built and things that the enemy did while I was there. I served in Vietnam from 1966 to 1968, twenty six months, and I was able to see Vietnam from three very different assignments. My first tour of eleven months was in the jungle with the 101st Airborne Division doing mostly search and destroy missions. My second tour was at E Company Support Battalion, at the base camp of the 101st Airborne Division and my third tour of duty was as a security guard with the elite Saigon Machine Gun Patrol. I was able to create plots that hopefully made the stories more exciting.

Sarge's Story

Video: What are you going to tell the guys on the wall?

Sarge experienced night terrors and guilt following his return home from Vietnam. He had a loving wife and children, and things seemed to be falling into place for him, but he still experienced angry outbursts. Treatment and sharing his story with others through songwriting helped him cope with PTSD.